Professionally oriented study programme Tourism

Enrolment to study programme Tourism is no longer possible. ​

​​​Professionally oriented higher education study programme Tourism practices lasts for 3 years (6 semesters).

A basic goal of the programme is to educate graduates who will be able to organize, manage and market tourist activities. Their work will be primarily focused on solving the problems in designing and implementing tourist offer in their organizations. Our graduates, competent professionals, will find work in companies involved in any tourism activity and all other companies who are actively designing the tourist offer.


A student may enrol into the 2nd year if he or she has completed the requirements for the 1st year equivalent to 48 ECTS and has completed all obligations at Introduction to tourism. A student may enrol into the 3rd year if he or she has completed all requirements for the 1st year and requirements equal to 48 ECTS for the 2nd year. A student is obliged to complete the requirements for subjects Management of events and Sports tourism.


Graduates of professionally oriented higher education 1st cycle study programme Tourism practices will:

  • understand the meaning of tourism as sociological and economic phenomenon,
  • acquire general knowledge on tourism as special service activity,
  • get to know the most important tourism regions in Slovenia and around the world,
  • understand fundamental categories of management and company economics,
  • understand the basic principles of planning, administration and management of a tourism destination and tourism structures,
  • be acquainted with the concept of human resources and learn how to treat and manage them rationally,
  • be qualified for planning and creating the complete marketing communication strategy, 
  • master the basic rules and skills of communication in tourism,
  • get to know and develop communicative competence in foreign language, deepen his or her linguistic knowledge of languages and terminology related to tourism,
  • get to know basic theories related to law in tourism,
  • get to know the basics of information technology and specifics of information technology solutions in tourism,
  • be acquainted with different types of events, be able to differ between their mission and purpose, recognize the trends and role of contemporary media regarding different types of events,
  • get to know the importance of safety in modern tourism,
  • be acquainted with the hotel management and have the ability to make decisions concerning organization of work in a hotel,
  • be acquainted with the basic terms concerning logistic processes in tourism,
  • be acquainted with the basic organizational and legal features of Slovenian tourism,
  • be acquainted with the basic and fundamental subjects of travel activities,
  • be acquainted with the concept, process and content of marketing in a tourism organization.


Renewed accredited curriculum​ for professionally oriented programme Tourism practices is valid since 1. 10. 2020. Curriculums are accessible also via AIPS website.​​​​