Preparation of thesis presents the final stage of the study programme. Students can choose the topic either by themselves or from the dissertation topics list. 

Choosing a mentor

Together with the thesis topic the student also chooses the mentor. Any of the higher education teachers, who work in the field connected to the dissertation's topic or teach at the FT UM may be chosen as a mentor in the Professional or Academic programme. Master's Programme mentor can be a University teacher with the title of a full professor, associate professor, or assistant professor that is actively engaged in the scientific field researched by the thesis. Individual university teacher may mentor 5 diploma theses and 5 masters theses at once. The student can choose a co-mentor from the working environment or another university teacher or professional co-worker from the faculty.

Should there appear a reason to obstruct further cooperation between the mentor and the candidate, both, the mentor and the candidate have the right to request a change with the form Registration of Changes in Thesis Topic - Change of Mentor.

Preparation of the diploma/master thesis draft

After choosing the topic and acquiring the mentor's agreement the student prepares the draft of the diploma/master thesis with the help of Instructions for Preparation of Diploma and Master Thesis Draft. The disposition should be sent to the Student Affairs Office together with the filled forms Registration of Thesis Topic and Mentoring and Co-mentoring Agreement. 

The thesis draft is inspected by a special committee. The student modifies it if the committee recommends so. After the committee issues an agreement on the draft, the dean confirms the thesis adequacy. By doing so, the dean validates the mentor/co-mentor, specifies the number of copies of the thesis and determines the deadline for thesis defence (1st degree – September 30 in the final year of studies, 2nd degree – within one year from the agreement issue).

It is possible for candidates to change the title of the thesis using the Registration of Changes in Thesis Topic – Changed Title.

Extending the validity of the dissertation topic

Students may extend the validity of their thesis topic prior to the thesis defence deadline by submitting the Application for the Time Extension of the Thesis Topic Validity at the Student Affairs Office. There is a special committee dealing with such requests, which may prolong the validity of the topic for maximum one year.



The student prepares the thesis according to the Rules on Thesis Preparation and Defence for First and Second Degree Study Programmes and Handbook for writing and editing texts of the Faculty of tourism of the University of Maribor. You may find this example of thesis draft helpful.

The thesis should be edited and proofread. Students have the right to defend their thesis in a foreign language which is specified in greater detail in Article 10 of the above mentioned regulation.

Students should not disregard the copyrights of the authors whose research is used in their theses. Plagiarism should be avoided at all costs which is why each thesis contents shall be inspected for similarity with any other work. The latter shall be done with the help of special software in the Digital Library – DKUM. Students simply use DKUM to turn their thesis in and enter their and mentor's/co-mentor's e-mail to which a report on how acceptable the thesis is shall be sent. Follow Instructions for Plagiarism Check Procedure.



The student submits the thesis electronically (in Word document), attaching Mentoring and Co-mentoring Agreement. Both are sent to, Student Affairs Office, to be technically inspected. Prior to submitting, the thesis should be proofread, which is proven by the enclosed Thesis Editing and Proofreading Certificate.

The thesis is technically inspected by a member of the Thesis Committee. The first technical inspection of a thesis takes 5 days, while each subsequent takes 3 days. The latter does not apply to the annual leave, from 15 July to 15 August.  

Once the Thesis Committee confirms that the thesis is technically appropriate, the student should submit other necessary documents to the Student Affairs Office:

  • 2 (or maximum 3 – if there is a co-mentor) spiral bound copies of thesis and Statement on Authorship and Authenticity,
  • signed Statement on Thesis Adequacy,
  • a report on plagiarism inspection (DKUM – 1st and 2nd page),
  • Thesis Editing and Proofreading Certificate,
  • A statement that all possible liabilities at the Faculty Library have been settled (may be obtained at

The Student Affairs Office checks if the candidate complies with the conditions, inspects the adequacy of other documents, provides bibliographic thesis record, and issues a universal payment order (UPN) for the payment of the thesis. Next, an official decision on the Thesis Defence Committee designation is issued, determining the time, date, place and language of the thesis defence.



The thesis defence is open to the public and the defence procedure is specified in Article 14 of Rules on Thesis Preparation and Defence at the FT UM.

If the thesis has been successfully defended, the chairman of the Thesis defence Committee forwards the minute to the Student Affairs Office. If the thesis has been unsuccessfully defended, the candidate receives a copy of a signed minute, which allows the candidate to file a request within 14 days for the repetition of the thesis defence. Only one such repetition is possible.

After successful thesis defence the candidate should fill in the Alumni Club application form and Diploma Supplement form, available at the Student Affairs Office.

No later than 14 days after the oral defence the student should:

  • fill out a Satisfaction with Studies questionnaire (AIPS);
  • submit 2 hard bound copies of the thesis to Student Affairs Office (1st degree requires blue leather binding and silver lettering; 2nd degree requires dark green leather binding and silver lettering);
  • submit electronic version of thesis on DKUM;
  • submit the Statement on the Processing of Graduate's Personal Data.

Once the requested thesis copies and documents have been submitted to the Student Affairs Office, the latter issues a Diploma/Masters Certificate and the Certificate of Completed Courses, finalizes the submitting of the electronic version of the thesis on DKUM, and submits one copy to the library, where it shall be catalogued.



The UM Senate determines the graduation ceremony dates for each academic year. Additionally, the faculty chooses the most suitable date and in accordance with the protocol sends out graduation ceremony invitations at least ten days prior to the event.



EXTENDING THE VALIDITY OF THE DISSERTATION TOPIC AND/OR NEW TOPIC APPLICATION – the end of the academic year also signifies time when it is no longer possible to choose and apply the topic of the dissertation. It is essential for all those students who do not intend to defend their thesis during that period, to extend the validity of the topic. The application for extension should be signed by the mentor/co-mentor and sent to the Student Affairs Office. An individual may submit such application only once. Those candidates who have already extended the validity of the topic once should submit a new application for the new topic; the procedure is similar to submitting the new topic for the first time. In this case the mentor and the topic may stay unchanged if the mentor agrees. Remember, your previous mentor is not obliged to commit to the mentorship once more. Besides, it is also possible that the mentor's quota for dissertation theses is full.

​THESIS PAYMENT – students do not need to pay for their thesis if they still have the student status when they are submitting their thesis topic. In this case they can also extend the validity of the topic of the dissertation. On the other hand, if students submit the thesis topic and they no longer have the student status, they should pay the fee stated in the UM pricelist. In this case students do not have to pay for the thesis oral defence. ​