​Students for Students

Student Council of the Faculty of Tourism is a faculty body made up of student representatives of each year of all study programmes and all degrees. It closely collaborates with the Student Council of the University of Maribor, which connects student representatives of all faculties, members of the University of Maribor. Student Council represents the opinions and interests of all students of the faculty. It advocates students' welfare, helps solving student-related problems, and aims for student-friendly and quality study process. The Student Council runs the programme of extracurricular student activities too. You can contact it via email: ss.ft.um@gmail.com.

Vice-Dean Student :

Katja Kokot, mandate 2017-2019 
Year 1:
Luka Gošek, president  

Kaja Šetinc, member

Year 2:Matevž Drenovec, president

David Boršo, member​​

Year 3:
Saša Kancler, president
Laura Lupše, member
Year 4:
Katja Murkovič, president
Year 5:
Mateja Kuntarič, president
​​Year 6:
Špela Ciglar Omerzu, president



Tutoring is a system that enables students to help each other. Its purpose is to guide, orient, motivate and help students to achieve greater knowledge, better competence and skills which contribute to the study and personal success. Students of higher years are thus available to younger students, offering them help and advice.