​Enrolment in the next year of study and status


Enrolment in the next year of study is conducted online via AIPS web portal​ before the beginning of the new academic year, namely at the end of August and in September. Enrolment in the next year of study is possible for students who meet the requirements for advancement to the next year of study. The requirements are published on the website under the study programme tab.

Online enrolment for next academic year is possible between August and September. Go to the AIPS web portal, click the STUDY tab, select ONLINE ENROLMENT and follow the instructions. Print the ENROLMENT CERTIFICATE out and SIGN where requested. The enrolment certificate and mandatory attachments must be sent by registered mail to: Univerza v Mariboru, Fakulteta za turizem, Cesta prvih borcev 36, 8250 Brežice and add the following postscript: »Za vpis v višji letnik« (»Enrolment in the next year of study«). Mandatory attachments:

  • CURRICULUM of the year of study you are enrolling in.

After the enrolment you will be sent a UPN form for payment of enrolment costs according to the valid price list and 4 copies of enrolment certificate. Hologram sticker for your student identity card can be collected in person during office hours. In case you need a certificate of all exams you have passed, order it via AIPS.

Students who will not complete all obligations required for enrolment in the next year of study may, in accordance with Article 85 of Statutes of the UM, apply for enrolment in special circumstances. The application for enrolment in the next year of study in special circumstances has to be submitted to the Academic Affairs Commission no later than 7 days before its next session. It is necessary to attach the statement informing about the payment of the Agreement issued by the Commission. After receiving the Agreement, you may enrol in the next year of study following the procedure described above. Beside the required documentation (signed enrolment certificate, curriculum and filled in statement on accident insurance) it is necessary to enclose a copy of the Commission's Agreement.        



It is possible for a student to re-enrol in any of the years of study, but only once. To repeat the year, the student is obliged to submit the Application for Re-enrolment to the Academic Affairs Commission before the enrolment. The student submits the application at the beginning of September, but at least 7 days before the Commission's next session.

A student who due to the re-enrolment in the same year of study enrols in the changed study programme has to finish the study following the new study programme. Such a student is obliged to submit an application for the recognition of completed obligations and determination of missing obligations according to the new programme to the Academic Affairs Commission.  



The procedure of the enrolment in graduation year is the same as for the enrolment in the next year of study (follow the instructions at AIPS​). Student can check his or her right to graduation year in the Student Affairs Office.



For all enrolled students, the student status is valid from 1 October of the current academic year to 30 September of the same academic year. This also holds true for all students of the first degree study who graduate before 30 September of the current year.

Student status ceases if the student:

  • finishes a first degree study programme - at the end of the academic year in which he has finished the programme;
  • finishes a second degree study programme;
  • finishes a third degree study programme;
  • does not finish the first or second degree study programme in 12 months after the end of the last semester;
  • does not finish the second degree of single-cycle master degree study programme in 12 months after the end of the last semester;
  • does not finish the third degree study within the period of time set forth in the Statutes;
  • does not enrol in the next year of study or semester during the study process;
  • withdraws from the faculty;
  • was expelled.


Regardless of the line four of the above paragraph, the student status ceases at the end of the last semester if the student has repeated the study year or switched a study programme or orientation during the course of his or her studies. In cases presented in the fourth, fifth and seventh line, the student status may be extended due to justifiable reasons, but for one year maximum. A student mother who gives birth during the course of her studies and a student who becomes father during the course of his studies, have the right to extend their student status for one year for each live born child.


A student can withdraw from the faculty personally in Student Affairs Office. Documents required to withdraw are a copy of withdrawal form and a student identification card.