Master's part-time programme Tourism - ENGLISH


The FT UM Master Tourism Studies provide all the basic knowledge for further development of tourism research and entrepreneurship. The studies are focused on the green, sustainable, spa and wellness tourism - with the subjects of logistics, organizational design and investment, promotion, services marketing, information technologies in tourism, and languages. 

Master's professional degree
2 years (4 semesters)
Tuition fee:
3100 € / academic year
Starting date: October 2019​
Language of instruction: English
Place: Brežice / Ljubljana 
Lecturers in 2018/19:Contacts


Graduates of the master's 2nd cycle study programme Tourism will:  
  • be able to use quantitative methods,
  • have knowledge of tourism organization management,
  • understand the basic concepts of complex social network planning and know how to connect social partners with tourism development on the entrepreneurial, local and regional level,
  • understand the basic and advanced concepts of logistic processes in tourism,
  • create tourism products on the basis of tourism needs,
    understand categories of financial analysis,
  • understand the models of contemporary organization of tourism organizations and investment in managerial business concepts,
  • have the ability to conduct a systemic analysis and monitor the introduction of the information system to business activity,
  • be familiar with the concept of communication in marketing,
  • have the ability to deal with hands-on problems in procedural business in contemporary organizational systems,
  • have the ability to understand the basic concepts important for the research of needs, motives and consumer behavior at tourism marketing,
  • understand the models of contemporary organization of tourism organizations and investment in management models of business,
  • have the ability to solve hands-on problems in the field of science and research during the formation of a new integral tourism product by using standard professional methods and procedures,    
  • have a practical understanding of political theory in order to understand events in politics and tourism on the levels of local, national, European and global tourism policies.


As a master of tourism, you will be able to offer a creative, critical and well-informed contribution to the tourism industry. Depending on your own initiative and talents, this postgraduate's specialization will help you to become (for example): 

  • a hotel manager,
  • a tourist manager in a company/destination manager/product manager,
  • a head of outbound tourism for various markets/head of reception tourism for various markets,
  • a product head – design of tourist products/sales of tourist products/marketing and promotion of tourist products,
  • a tourism development planner for destination organizations/planner of tourism development and public sector policy,
  • a tourist analyst/researcher,
  • an advisor on tourism development/sole proprietor – consultant,
  • an E-commerce & social media manager in tourism,
  • a sustainability/CSR strategist in tourist destination/enterprise,
  • an expert for digital tourism.


Renewed accredited curriculum for master's programme Tourism is valid since 1. 10. 2017. Curriculums are accessible also via AIPS website.