​​Gaining practical experience is an essential part of education and training in tourism. The internship is a part of all study programmes and can be done at various businesses involved in touristic activity offering job posts corresponding to their educational level. Students can also find a place to complete their internship abroad through the Erasmus+ program. Before starting with the internship, the student attends an introductory seminar. However, at the end of the internship period a written report should be prepared and defended. You can read more in the Internship Guidelines. 

1st cycle Proffesional YEAR 2​
1st cycle Proffesional YEAR 31st cycle Academic YEAR 32nd cycle YEAR 2
20 hours of seminar
20 hours of seminar20 hours of seminar10 hours of seminar
160 hours of practice400 hours of practice400 hours of practice140 hours of practice


pred. Boris Prevolšek, mag.


pred. Boris Prevolšek, mag.


doc. dr. Borut Vojinović


doc. dr. Mitja Gorenak

Taking part in organizing professional field trips and such may also be acknowledged as internship hours. The latter is approved by the Academic Affairs Commission on the basis of the Application for the Recognition of Obligatory Internship in an Organization. The maximum of 80 % of training practice hours can be acknowledged if it was done beforehand, while the remaining 20 % must be done during the course of the study programme. Students who have previously obtained practical training must fill the Application for the Recognition of Obligatory Internship in an Organization for recognition. Filled application should be accompanied by evidence showing the obtained work experience (employer's or student employment agency's certificate or evidence). A report on completion of internship and a report of practical training should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office no later than 30 April of the current year.

BEFORE INTERNSHIP (only for 1st cycle study programmes)

a) Choosing your organization

Students can either find an organization, company or institution by themselves or choose an organization, based on the faculty-organization agreement. Internship can only be done at companies involved in tourism activity offering a post suitable to their level of education. The internship done in companies offering catering, maintenance and other similar services will not be recognized. Internship cannot be done at businesses owned or managed by candidate's closest family members.

LIST OF COMPANIES offering internship to the FT UM students.

b) Choosing your mentor

It is required to have a mentor during the internship. Mentors are chosen by the business offering the internship. It is required for the mentor to have a degree in higher education and at least 5 years of relevant work experience.

c) Training

The faculty organizes a free general health check-up for their students. Also, everyone should pass the Safety at work and Fire protection exam prior to starting the work. Advice: many student employment agencies organize such exams for their members free of charge.

d) Insurance

The faculty pays limited health insurance contributions for their students in compliance with the Pension and Disability Insurance Act, Article 20, Paragraph 3 (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia no. 96/2012, ZPIZ-2).

e) Agreement

Prior to the beginning of the internship students sign a tripartite agreement between the faculty and the training provider. The Internship Agreement should be printed in three copies and all of these should be signed by the student and the organization. All signed copies should be handed in to the faculty coordinator or the Student Affairs Office no later than 14 days prior to the commencement of the training. Work Programme during the Student's Internship in an Organization is a compulsory Annex to each copy of the contract. Once the contracts are signed by the faculty, the student may personally collect them at the Student Affairs Office. The student keeps one copy and hands over one copy to the organization.


During the internship the student should:

  • follow mentor's instructions,
  • fulfil the contractual obligations,
  • comply with the organization's working hours (unless specified otherwise).


After the concluded internship the student should prepare a written report of practical training. The latter should be written in accordance with the Instructions for Writing a Report. The report should be inspected and signed by the organization's mentor. The report of the successfully concluded internship, together with the Certificate of Internship (filled in by the organization and student) should be submitted to the Student Affairs Office by the date of the practical training exam. 

On the day of the exam the defence of the end report takes place. It presents 50 % of the final grade and another 50 % is the mentor's opinion and assessment of the end report. The student must register for the exam.