Faculty of Tourism Alumni Club

Dear graduates and final year students,

allow us to stay in touch after your graduation too. We kindly invite you to join the Alumni Club of the Faculty of Tourism. The Club promotes networking between the students of different generations and helps at establishing connections between the graduates, tourism professionals and the Faculty of Tourism. You and your knowledge are the ones who will co-create tourism in the future and be able to help us make a contribution to our faculty and study programmes in the forthcoming years.

We would like you to share your stories and accomplishments with us! Therefore we kindly invite you to fill in the accession application form for registration in the Alumni of the University of Maribor network. Membership in the network allows you to participate in the Club's activities and use email address of the type name.surname@student.um.si and mailbox accessible at https://mail.student.um.si/. Accession application can be submitted via AIPS web portal.

For more information please visit Alumni UM.