Accommodation, eating out and events

We take care of varied extracurricular activities – each new academic year begins with the Welcome week, which is originally dedicated to the freshers. An obligatory part of each academic year are the Fresher's party, where beginners are welcomed into the student life, and the Faculty Day, when students and lecturers visit various institutions, then close the day with a pre-new year party. As a part of the learning process, students taking Management of events course have to organise an event by themselves. The party of the year is undoubtedly taking place at Turizmijada – an international congress of students of tourism and hotel industry taking place in Budva, Montenegro. More information about student life in Brežice is available at the following websites: Društvo študentov Brežice (Student Club Brežice) and Mladinski center Brežice (Brežice Youth Centre).

​Eating out

Full-time, part-time and international exchange students are entitled to subsidised student meals. The so-called student coupons can be used in restaurants in Brežice and its surroundings. In order to be able to use these subsidies, you have to identify yourself with an application on your mobile phone or with a special card. More information about subsidised student meals and locations of restaurants is available at​


In Brežice, different types of student accommodation are available:

  • Faculty of Tourism's student apartments (23 beds altogether, they are not always fully occupied, price per person is about 130 €, for more information contact ​Student Affairs Office -​
  • Subsidized private room accommodation (four beds, you have to submit an online application to the Student Dormitories of the University of Maribor).
  • Private accommodation in Brežice and its surroundings (you can search for the providers on your own or ask for more information at ​Student Affairs Office -
  • Youth Hostel Brežice (​).