International cooperation

​​An international experience is a priceless adventure during the study and an opportunity for the faculty staff to build on their existing work. Especially in the field of tourism, the knowledge of foreign environments and language is a necessary basis for building a career in tourism. Faculty of Tourism is happy to host foreign students who do their exchange in Brežice. Visiting students have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, get to know local environment and make new friends. You can check the list of our partner Universities in Erasmus+ programme.

For detailed information, students can contact the Vice-Dean for International Cooperation at the Faculty of Tourism or read the information package. More information can be found at the International Cooperation and Mobility Programmes Service's website: Student Mobility at UM.

Vice-Dean for International Cooperation: assoc. prof. Mitja Gorenak, Ph.D.


For general information regarding part-time study programmes such as application periods, admissions, enrolment procedure, tuition fees etc. please contact Nuša Koželj at Student Affairs Office:



Impressions of foreign students in Brežice

​​ Brankica Gvozdenić - student from UN IVERZITET SINGIDUNUM, Serbia

As I study tourism, I wanted to see how it develops in Slovenia – it is near and it's great example, and I wanted to see if we can implement something in our country when I come back. But, first of all, I wanted to come and meet people and beautiful pl aces. So me, and my friend San ja decided to apply for exchange and become first students from our faculty who went somewhere for whole semester.
I spent the most beautif ul semester in Brežice, from the first day it was an adventure for me. It wasn't easy t o come alone to fo reign country where you don't know anybody, but somehow it felt good. First few days I just fell in lo ve in kind people, sunny streets and tasty coffee. As days were passing by I got to met students from our new faculty, which were very helpful. MC hostel become my home, and thanks to manager of hostel, Alja, I felt like part of big family – Erasmus/Balkan family. We just spent days watching movies, listening to music, talking about our countries and creating amazing memories together, so we became real friends. 
Professors were extremely kind to us, and gave us amazing examples, articles and presentations so we learned a lot by going on their lectures and doing essays and seminar papers. We learned the most when we spent two days in Solčavsko. Sanja and I went on field trip with our professor and colleagues where we saw how green and eco tourism works, and how it can be successful when everybody work and think sustainable, and that was amazing for me, because in Serbia it's different situation.

For one semester, I gained lot knowledge in field that I am interested in; I met amazing people that I can call my friends and lived in small town with big heart and great soul. See you soon, Brežice. Thank you for everything, you changed me. 


The time that I spend at Your Faculty was one of the greatest experience that I could get from Erasmus+ and I simply must commend Your students because they are the best, they show hospitality and respect towards us (Erasmus students) and accepted us as we were theirs and I am very thankful for that.